Born in Amsterdam, where I went to art-school where I mostly worked building installations and creating conceptual art,
I eventually graduated with a short film. After graduation I first pursued a career in Audio-Engineering and returned to
the visual arts almost a decade later through photography. First roaming the streets to find locations for estranged
self-portraits, I finally turned my camera on others. I now mostly shoot band-portraits, live music performances and
Street Portraits. Although not in the picture myself anymore, I am still looking for that estranged element in all my photos.

For me every photo tells a different story of the people in it, even when there is nobody in the frame.
Or to quote Ansel Adams: `There are always two people in a photo: the photographer and the viewer.`
I usually choose to process my photos in black and white, because I believe that a photo (or film) should be B&W
unless there is a specific use for the colour in the photo.

* No photos from this website or blog may be used elsewhere without my written permission.
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